Why choose Shropshire for a UK staycation?

Staycations are the buzzword at the moment because there are still so many limitations on overseas travel. But, this gives people a great opportunity to see the sights on their own doorstep. One destination to consider is Shropshire. It is a very green county with beautiful ancient towns and lots of special attractions. Plus, you can enjoy your trip even more by choosing to stay with us and enjoy the best holiday cottages in Shropshire. Continue reading “Why choose Shropshire for a UK staycation?”

Best places to visit in Shropshire

Shropshire is one of the most interesting counties in England. Sitting on the Welsh border, there is plenty of evidence of the history and heritage of the region. You can see a lot of this in the beautiful towns and villages. But, if you are planning a trip and want to tour all of these great spots, you will want wonderful accommodation. Wisteria Cottages has it, offering the most flexible short term rentals in Shropshire. Continue reading “Best places to visit in Shropshire”

Walking in the Shropshire Hills

Walking holidays have always been popular in the UK. However, with coronavirus more and more people are looking at them. This is a great opportunity to get outside and walk through some of the stunning landscapes people often miss. If you are planning this kind of trip, you should look at Wisteria Cottages. We offer the best short term lets in Shropshire, making them perfect for walkers. Continue reading “Walking in the Shropshire Hills”