Walking in the Shropshire Hills

Walking holidays have always been popular in the UK. However, with coronavirus more and more people are looking at them. This is a great opportunity to get outside and walk through some of the stunning landscapes people often miss. If you are planning this kind of trip, you should look at Wisteria Cottages. We offer the best short term lets in Shropshire, making them perfect for walkers.

Why Shropshire?

Short term lets in ShropshireYou may be asking yourself why you should choose this part of England for your walking holiday. Shropshire stands out because it has some of the most diverse landscapes in the country. In fact, there is evidence from 11 of the 13 different geological periods. So, you can enjoy everything from ancient rocks to high hills and picturesque meadows and woodland.

If that wasn’t enough, the area is home to some of the most amazing walks and views in the UK. Below are some of the most unmissable ones.

Caer Caradoc

It can be hard to choose which of the Shropshire Hills to visit. However, Caer Caradoc is one that stands out for its iconic shape and volcanic rock landscape. There is also an Iron Age fort at the summit. It is a great walk through the forest and up the hill.

Long Mynd

This is probably the most popular spot in the whole of Shropshire for walking. The ridge is seven miles long and there are some wonderful sights of steep valleys cut into the side. Ashes Hollow is a favourite walk here. It takes you through a valley and across heathland full of wildlife.

Acton Burnell

If you love rich historical sites, this is the walk for you. It is a six mile circular route that takes you through lovely woodland and via lots of interesting spots. For example, you will see the abandoned Langley Chapel and plenty of other historic buildings.

Rectory Wood

This gem of a walk is perfect if you want to walk through woodland exploding with colour. In autumn there is red and gold foliage to enjoy. Early winter is also a great time if you want to enjoy the snowdrops. There is a path network across the wood, including a family friendly route.

Choose short term lets in Shropshire

Above is just a small selection of the wonderful walks you can enjoy in Shropshire. There is something for everyone, whether you want a challenging hike or a smooth, easy route. All the while you can explore the history, heritage, and ecology of the area.

Wisteria Cottages is a great choice if you want a walking holiday. Each cottage has fantastic amenities and is a quiet spot for planning your walks and relaxing afterwards. You can learn more about both properties on our website.

So, if you want to book short term lets in Shropshire, especially for walking, choose us. You can get in touch if you have any special requirements or book online.