What to expect with self catering holidays

Whether you holiday in the UK or abroad, you can find many different options for your stay. For example you could choose a deal that includes meals. Or you could opt for the freedom and flexibility of cooking your own. At Wisteria Cottages you can find some of the finest self catering accommodation in Shrewsbury. Each cottage has a full fitted kitchen so you have access to everything you need.

Lots of options

Self catering accommodation in ShrewsburyThe great thing about self catering holidays is you have far more options. The downside with trips that include meals, whether they are all inclusive, half board, or just bed and breakfast, is you have a limited menu to choose from. When you make everything yourself, you have no limitations; just buy the ingredients you need and cook whatever you feel like. Cooking for yourself is also a really great option if you have special dietary needs.


Self catering is great for people taking holidays during the COVID pandemic too. In this new environment, even with pubs and restaurants starting to reopen, people still have concerns about their safety. Many establishments also have a much smaller capacity so it can be harder to book a table. With this in mind, self catering gives you the option to socially distance and look after yourself.


As we said above, self catering is also more flexible. You can set your own schedule and cook whenever you want to. That means no getting up early for specific breakfast hours or being back at your accommodation for lunch or dinner.

Local delivery

Choosing self catering does not always mean you need to cook for yourself though. There are lots of services you can choose to order from local restaurants and pubs. You can either arrange to pick up your food or have it delivered. If you stay at Wisteria Cottages you can try Shrewsbury Eats, a really useful local service. Or, there is Oak Apple Farm Shop; they can deliver pre-prepared food to be waiting for you in your holiday cottage.

What is provided?

Self catering accommodation can differ greatly in terms of what is provided. Many options will be basic and you have to bring everything with you, including things like dish soap for washing up. However, others provide supplies for you. It is always best to check to see what you will need to supply yourself.

What do the owners expect from you?

While you are on holiday, it is important to remember that the property owner trusts you to look after their property. They will expect you to clean and tidy up before you leave. You won’t need to deep clean, but no property owner wants to come in and find a big mess. Try to leave everything as it was when you arrived and make sure all of your rubbish is in the bin.

Explore beautiful self catering accommodation in Shrewsbury

Wisteria Cottages is a great choice if you want comfortable home away from home style accommodation near Shrewsbury. When you choose a cottage you can enjoy idyllic surroundings, spacious properties, and lots of great amenities. There is also contactless check-in and private parking.

You can find out more about our self catering accommodation in Shrewsbury on our website. Then, if you want to make a reservation you can do so online. If you need more information or have special requests, you can contact us.